Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Movie opinion - Kahaani

I recently saw Kahaani starring Vidya Balan. Must say one of the better Hindi movies I have come across in the recent past.
Vidya who is seemingly pregnant in search of her husband leads you through the streets of Kolkata (where u can hear many background dialogues in Bengali)and while you slowly get accustomed to Bengali culture (like having 2 names, saree style etc) you get entangled in a plot of intrigue, suspense and thrill.

What I loved most was the ending (spoiler! Alert).. When she suddenly changes her avataar from the helpless pregnant woman to quick, agile, and destroyer of the Villain.. and with Durga Puja going on in the background could easily be mistaken for the modern avataar of Maa Durga vanguisher of evil in the 21st century..

Must say was a great plot and beautifully executed and great acting and versatility by Vidya Balan.

Hope to come across more movies like this

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