Thursday, January 26, 2012

Google Plus

Most of us, well most people my age definitely spend a substantial amount of time on the popular social networking site - Facebook.
We use it for different purposes - tracking down old school friends, people who we lost touch with, sharing pictures, chatting etc.
Basically its an adda or a common platform for everyone to get in touch.

Google - the world's most popular search engine and inventor of many innovative products like gmail (which introduced unlimited storage and integrated chat at a time when it was unheard of), blogger etc had made social networking popular in India through its network - orkut.

Orkut popularized social networking in India and facebook cashed in on it.

Then Google came back with the much awaited google plus which eveyone joined in with full gusto. In the first week itself, people signed up for it.

But after that ?? after making our display pics and all we left. It was like a gym membership we all join but didnt go.

Guess it takes time for our old habits to die.

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