Thursday, January 26, 2012

Evolution of photography

Recently I heard Kodak - the pioneer of the cameras and film technology filed for bankruptcy.
Was really a shock.

Then realized how much the process of taking pictures has changed over time.

Earlier they were the black and white cameras which only a few had, and then came coloured ones. Both had a reel of film of 36. I used to remember my mom telling me to use it conservatively so as not to finish the reel.

Then with the advent of technology came the Digital Cameras of the "Digicams"as they are known today. And with increasing number of megapixel and zoom technology its becoming almost affordable for everyone.

Now you can take unlimited photographs (not worried about finishing the reel), can store them in your hard disk, no need to give to the studio to print, and due to large megapixel pictures can get it enlarged without blurring.

So, just like that an entire industry went out of business including - reel manufacturing, printing photographs from negatives, and outdated cameras. They were replaced by cyber shots, memory cards and recently DSLRs.

So with the filing of bankruptcy of the Pioneer of the Camera industry, we definitely learn something. Its not enough to just have the first mover advantage - we have to change with the times else perish. (Confirming Darwin's Rule of Evolution)

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