Sunday, June 25, 2017


Hector was one of the bravest warriors of Greek mythology. He was the elder son of Priam and was a great warrior, skilled in all fields - Horse riding, swordsmanship, among other skills and was also known for his wise decisions and justness.
Unlike his younger brother - Paris (who was responsible for Helen leaving her husband - Menelaus, whether by force or will is debated), he did not get swayed by sentiment.

He had loyalty towards his country, his wife, his father and brother and was in dilemma when he had to choose between them. Though he knew the action of his brother was unjust, he fought and ultimately lost his life for brotherly duty.
His dream was to watch his son grow old but he couldnt and he died a martyr in the Trojan war to Achilles.
Achilles vs Hector is comparable to Indian Karna vs Arjun (of Mahabharat). However,  in the Mahabharat - sides were painted of Good vs Evil, whereas in Homer's Iliad there are no sides painted. Only Humans vs Humans. There were many Human emotions that led to and affected the outcome of the Trojan war - Revenge, Hunger, Greed for Power, Lust, Love, Family duties, Loyalty towards country and countrymen, cunningness and want for Victory at no matter what cost.

Hector played by Eric Bana in  "TROY the film(2004)"
But as it has been many centuries since the tales of the Iliad and Odyssey have been told, the valiance and bravery of its Heroes remain - Achilles, Hector and many others are still regarded today as great warriors. Such is the influence of Hector (though being a Trojan) on the Greeks is that his is the only Trojan name of an asteroid on the Greek belt. I think that If your enemies honour you even after your
death- your life must have been meant something. Friends and families will always honour the dead, but being honoured by Enemies requires an enigma and qualities that very few can possess.

painting depicting Hector, Andromache and his son
Warriors are and will be many, and everyone who is living at the moment, will die someday.
It is the qualities Prince Hector possessed in addition to his valiant skills-  like correct decision making (path choosing),  being aware of consequences of actions, and applying wisdom to negate foolish decisions made by others you are obligated to defend that make him truly one of the immortal Greek heroes, and lives on even today in stories and in the hearts of millions.


  1. A cogent analysis of a man compelled to answer the call of duty regardless of his own convictions. A very well written piece...the parallels to Karna are fascinating.